Tượng Đài Quyết Tử

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Tượng Đài Quyết Tử - Vietnam
Tượng Đài Quyết Tử - Vietnam
Tượng Đài Quyết Tử
📍 Vietnam
Tượng Đài Quyết Tử, also known as the Monument of Determination, is a prominent landmark located in the French Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam. This historical monument was built in 1894 to commemorate the victims of one of the most significant events in Vietnamese history – the Tonkin Campaign. It also serves as a symbol of the country’s determination and resilience in the face of colonialism.

As you visit Tượng Đài Quyết Tử, you will be struck by its grandeur and intricate architectural details. The monument stands tall at 33 meters, and the four pillars, each topped with a statue representing four courageous generals, are a sight to behold. The intricate designs and motifs depict scenes from the country's history, making it not just a monument but a work of art. Apart from its historical significance, Tượng Đài Quyết Tử also offers stunning photo opportunities. With the French Quarter as its backdrop, the monument makes for a striking and picturesque sight. The surrounding green space is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic, and you can also capture beautiful photos of local life and street vendors in the area. Whether you are a traveler looking to delve into Vietnamese history or a photographer searching for unique shots, Tượng Đài Quyết Tử is a must-visit destination in Hanoi. It is easily accessible by both public transport and taxis, and is usually open to the public for free. So, make sure to add this iconic monument to your itinerary and discover the rich culture and resilience of Vietnam.

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