Tulipan's Garden

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Tulipan's Garden - Ukraine
Tulipan's Garden - Ukraine
@matt_shalvatis - Unsplash
Tulipan's Garden
📍 Ukraine
Tulipan's Garden in Kyiv is a magical oasis hidden in the city centre. It is a 4,500 square meter botanical garden with over 700 species of plants, trees and shrubs, in a range of different colors and sizes. The Garden was established in 1997 as part of the International Year of Plant and is still a popular spot to stop and admire nature’s beauty. Tulipan Garden is unique, as there isn’t much green space in the city centre. As a result it is extremely popular with locals who use it to relax, and with tourists who are searching for a little bit of green. The garden is especially beautiful in spring and summer, with a wide variety of trees and plants coming into blooming in their full force. The garden also boasts a few ponds, with a few fish to add to the atmosphere. It is a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to enjoy a peaceful moment in the gardens.

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