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Tsutenkaku - From Shinsekai, Japan
Tsutenkaku - From Shinsekai, Japan
@nomadicjulien - Unsplash
📍 From Shinsekai, Japan
Tsutenkaku and Shinsekai are two must-see attractions located in Osaka, Japan. Tsutenkaku is a 103 meter-high tower built inspired by Paris's Eiffel Tower. The tower has observation decks that offer superior views of the city. On the ground level is a popular beer garden. Shinsekai is a fascinating neighborhood with traditional restaurants, old-style bars, and interesting shops. The area's symbol is the 113-meter-high Takoyaki Tower which offers amazing views of the surrounding at a fee. There are many street vendors selling much-loved Osaka treats like okonomiyaki and takoyaki. A trip to Shinsekai wouldn't be complete without visiting the iconic Janjan Yuemon clock tower and the Spa World, a large amusement and entertainment center. Both are both attractions are popular among photographers and travelers.

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