Triumphal Arch

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Triumphal Arch - Belgium
Triumphal Arch - Belgium
@alexbury97 - Unsplash
Triumphal Arch
📍 Belgium
The Triumphal Arch in Etterbeek, Belgium, is a neoclassical memorial arch, constructed in the 19th century by the architect Jules van Effect and erected on rue de la Loi. It was built to commemorate the successes of William I of the Netherlands in battle and is adorned with his and the Dutch royal coat of arms. The Triumphal Arch stands out due to its detailed stone sculptures and its height of over 20 metres, making it one of the highest monuments of its kind in Europe. Visitors to the arch can learn about its history and appreciate the artistry of its sculptures, which depict battle scenes and commemorate victorious moments in Dutch history. The Triumphal Arch is a popular site in Etterbeek, being one of the city’s main landmarks, and is a beautiful spot to visit and explore.

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