Tribunal Judiciaire de Bordeaux

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Tribunal Judiciaire de Bordeaux - France
Tribunal Judiciaire de Bordeaux - France
@clo_shooting - Unsplash
Tribunal Judiciaire de Bordeaux
📍 France
The Tribunal Judiciaire de Bordeaux is a noteworthy modern courthouse recognized for its striking architecture. Designed by the architect Richard Rogers, known for the Centre Pompidou in Paris, this building stands out due to its innovative design resembling a pair of greenhouses. The exterior's large glass panes and metallic structures allow for abundant natural light, creating a transparent and open judicial space, symbolizing justice’s clarity. Photo travelers will find the contrast between the building’s contemporary design and Bordeaux's historic cityscape captivating. The best photography opportunities are during sunrise or sunset when the glass facade captures the changing colors of the sky, offering a spectacular view. Additionally, capturing its reflection in the adjacent water mirror creates breathtaking images. Visitors are reminded to respect the premises’ operational nature as a courthouse.

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