Tokyo Mode Gakuen

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Tokyo Mode Gakuen - Japan
Tokyo Mode Gakuen - Japan
@farvardin - Unsplash
Tokyo Mode Gakuen
📍 Japan
Tokyo Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower stands as an architectural marvel in the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo. This 204-meter-tall educational facility is distinguished by its unique cocoon-shaped design, symbolizing nurturing and growth. Photographers will find its futuristic silhouette particularly captivating against Shinjuku's skyline, especially when illuminated at dusk or dawn. The building houses three vocational schools focusing on fashion, design, and medical care, reflecting its innovative design in the creativity cultivated within. While access to the interior is generally restricted to students and staff, the surrounding area offers ample opportunities for capturing its interaction with the urban landscape. For the best shots, position yourself at Shinjuku Central Park to the west during the golden hour when the building's glass facade dramatically reflects the changing sky.

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