Thác Voi

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Thác Voi - Vietnam
Thác Voi - Vietnam
Thác Voi
📍 Vietnam
Thác Voi, also known as Elephant Waterfall, is a hidden gem in Lâm Hà District, about 25km from Da Lat in Vietnam. This magnificent waterfall, cascading down rocky terrains, mimics the appearance of wild elephants, hence its name. For photo-travelers, the site offers spectacular views of water rushing down massive rocks amidst lush, green surroundings. To capture its full glory, aim to visit during the rainy season (May to October) when the water’s volume and velocity are at their peak, providing a more dramatic backdrop. The sunlight filtering through the dense trees around midday can offer a magical illumination of the mist created by the waterfall, ideal for photography. Be prepared for a bit of adventure; access involves navigating slippery steps and paths. For the best shots, explore the vantage points from both the top and the bottom of the falls. Remember, the humidity and mist can affect camera equipment, so protective gear is recommended.

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