Texel Lighthouse

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Texel Lighthouse - Netherlands
Texel Lighthouse - Netherlands
@evgenit - Unsplash
Texel Lighthouse
๐Ÿ“ Netherlands
Texel Lighthouse, located in De Cocksdorp, Netherlands, is the tallest lighthouse in the country. It stands at a height of 65 meters, making it a well known landmark in the area. With origins reaching back to 1837, the current lighthouse is well maintained, and still serves its purpose warning ships of the dangers of the local coastline. It is a popular destination for visitors to the region, providing picture perfect views of the many towns and villages nearby. From the top of the Texel Lighthouse itโ€™s possible to see right to the coast of Denmark on a clear day. There is a museum inside the lighthouse and visitors can climb the many steps to the top of the building during opening hours.

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