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Tejeda - Spain
Tejeda - Spain
📍 Spain
Tejeda is a small village located in the province of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, Spain. It is situated in the interior of the island of Gran Canaria, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and impressive mountains such as Roque Nublo and Bentayga. The village itself is known for its traditional Canarian architecture and charming cobblestone streets lined with colorful houses. It is also famous for its almond production, making it a popular spot during the almond blossom season in late January and early February. Tejeda is a perfect destination for photo-travelers looking to capture the untouched beauty of the Spanish countryside. Visitors can explore the area on foot, with many hiking trails leading to breathtaking viewpoints. The village also offers a variety of local restaurants serving traditional Canarian cuisine, making it the perfect place to sample some delicious dishes and soak up the laid-back island atmosphere.

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