Taipei 101

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Taipei 101 - Taiwan
Taipei 101 - Taiwan
Taipei 101
📍 Taiwan
Taipei 101, standing tall in Xinyi District, is an emblematic skyscraper previously known as the world's tallest. A marvel in architectural feats, it is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes, a nod to Taiwan's resilience. For photo-travelers, the outdoor Observatory on the 91st floor offers breathtaking panoramic views of Taipei, best visited during sunset or night to capture the city's stunning lightscape. The indoor observatory on the 89th floor provides informative displays and a closer look at the building's innovative damper, critical for its structural integrity. Additionally, the surrounding area, including the elegant Xinyi District, is replete with modern urban scenes, traditional markets, and lush green spaces, offering a diverse range of photographic opportunities. Remember to explore the vibrant food scene and exquisite shopping avenues located within and around Taipei 101.

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