Summer Palace

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Summer Palace - From Inside, China
Summer Palace - From Inside, China
@marcellin - Unsplash
Summer Palace
📍 From Inside, China
The Summer Palace in Haidian District, China is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which “represents a merger of long-held traditional Chinese and also western aesthetic influences as embodied in its eclectic architecture, garden design and decorative art works”. Built in 1750 as an Imperial Garden, it is characterized by its meandering pathways, traditional-style buildings, lush green landscapes with lakes, bridges and pavilions, such as the Tower of Buddhist Incense, Marble Boat, Long Corridor and Seventeen-Arch Bridge. This site is renowned for traditional Chinese gardening and architecture, and offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. Visitors can rent traditional costumes to explore the palace grounds, take pictures and enjoy the surrounding nature. Boats are available for a leisurely tour around the lake, as well as sophisticated restaurants serving up exquisite cuisines inside the palace.

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