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Stanserhorn-Bahn - Switzerland
Stanserhorn-Bahn - Switzerland
📍 Switzerland
The Stanserhorn-Bahn is a unique mountain railway located in Stans, Switzerland that offers stunning views of the countryside and numerous opportunities for photography. The railway is the only double reversible railway in Europe and is hailed as the first of its kind to travel beyond an open field. The Stanserhorn-Bahn consists of two sections, the lower and upper level, which allow for both up and down travel. From the lower level, visitors can make their way up to the summit of the Stanserhorn Mountain in two separate cabins, the Cabrio and separately the Excellence. Both cabins are unique and feature different experiences. The Cabrio, the world's first open-top cable car, offers a thrilling experience as visitors can observe the alpine landscapes while the Excellence sits under a glass roof offering a more relaxed journey with incredible panoramic views. At the summit of the mountain, visitors can take in the incredible views and enjoy the various restaurants as well as wander around the nature trails and mingle with the local wildlife, such as ibex and chamois.

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