Sources Oum Rabia

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Sources Oum Rabia - Morocco
Sources Oum Rabia - Morocco
Sources Oum Rabia
đź“Ť Morocco
The Sources Oum Rabia (also known as Assif Oum Rabia) are a stunning set of waterfalls located in the town of Teklit in the south of Morocco. These picturesque waterfalls form the border between Morocco and the Western Sahara and provide a spectacular sight to behold. Visitors can expect a plethora of rock formations, and the falls themselves, around five-metres high, cascade into a pool of sparkling clear water. The surrounding wildlife, including a Phoenician Juniper tree (thought to be around 500 years old) attracts birds and other wildlife, making it a top spot for birdwatchers. The area also offers excellent opportunities for general sightseeing and pleasant walks. Also, close to the area is a Berber village, where foreigners can interact with the local people.

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