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Slottsfjell - Norway
Slottsfjell - Norway
📍 Norway
Slottsfjell in Tønsberg, Norway's oldest city, is a must-visit for photo-travelers seeking both historical ambiance and captivating views. The name translates to "Castle Mountain," and atop its summit, the ruins of Tønsberg Fortress, dating back to the 13th century, offer a journey back in time. A highlight for photographers is the Slottsfjelltårnet tower, built in 1888 for the city’s millennium celebrations. It provides panoramic views of Tønsberg, the fjord, and the surrounding landscape, ideal for landscape and cityscape photography. The area around Slottsfjell is lush and green, perfect for capturing the contrast between nature and historical ruins. Throughout the year, the lighting varies, offering diverse photographic conditions. Early morning or late evening light accentuates the textures and depths of the ruins and the landscape. Remember, the climb to the top is part of the adventure, so wear comfortable shoes, and don't forget your tripod for those stunning long exposures.

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