Skógafoss Waterfall

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Skógafoss Waterfall - Iceland
Skógafoss Waterfall - Iceland
@mbenna - Unsplash
Skógafoss Waterfall
📍 Iceland
The Skógafoss Waterfall is situated on the Skóga River in the south of Iceland, near the beautiful mountain pass of Evindarhólar. It is a spectacular sight, with a powerful and continuous cascade running off the highest point of the waterfall before cascading down the boulders over and down 60 meters. The magnificent sight of this thundering sheet of water and the clouds of mist that it forms are sure to leave you in awe! On sunny days, the brilliant double rainbow arching over the waterfall is a beautiful sight that must be experienced. It's easy to visit Skógafoss too, as there is a pathway just off the main Ring Road that leads to the top of the falls. Here, you can see the natural landscape that surrounds the powerful flow of water and gain an insight into the secret lives of the plants and animals inhabiting the area. With a rich and varied natural display, Skógafoss is a must-see for any photographer or traveller.

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