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Skeiðarársandur - Iceland
Skeiðarársandur - Iceland
@tanelah - Unsplash
📍 Iceland
Skeiðarársandur is an ancient sandur in the south of Iceland. Despite the dry landscape, it is a unique and captivating region, shaped by powerful glacial rivers that are continually shifting the sand, gravel and stones. Untouched by human hands, this area is vast and distant in the serenity of its desert plains, offering vast amounts of untouched beauty. The Skeiðarársandur reaches from glacier Skeiðarárjökull to the Jökulfirðir of Fjallsárlón on the south shore of Iceland. Its large, flat sandur is home to a vast array of wildlife, such as pink-footed geese, graylag geese, redshanks, sandpipers and more. The Skeiðarársandur is also home to wide variety of plant life. Despite its lack of moisture in the summer, there is a wide selection of flowering vegetation, including cotton grass, crowberry and Arctic bell heather. Visitors to this spectacular sandur should take the necessary precautions, as the strong gusts of wind that continually sweep across its surface can be dangerous.

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