Sherdor Madrassah

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Sherdor Madrassah - Uzbekistan
Sherdor Madrassah - Uzbekistan
@garilens - Unsplash
Sherdor Madrassah
📍 Uzbekistan
Sherdor Madrasah, gracing Registan Square in Samarkand, is a pinnacle of Islamic architecture, completed in 1636 under the rule of Yalangtush Bahadur. Esteemed for its striking façade, the madrasah showcases vivid mosaics featuring tigers chasing deer, a daring divergence from Islamic art's prohibition of animal imagery. This detail alone draws photography aficionados. The intricate tile work, rich in blue and gold, offers mesmerizing patterns ideal for close-ups. Capture the play of light on the majolica tiles at sunrise or sunset to enhance their vibrancy. Inside, although access may be limited, the courtyards provide a serene setting with arches and domes that juxtapose beautifully against the bright sky, perfect for those seeking a blend of architectural grandeur and the subtle interplay of light and shadow. Remember, Registan is best experienced in the golden hours when the crowds are sparse, and the light complements the majesty of Sherdor Madrasah.

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