Setas de la Sevilla

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Setas de la Sevilla - From Below, Spain
Setas de la Sevilla - From Below, Spain
@tobiasc - Unsplash
Setas de la Sevilla
đź“Ť From Below, Spain
Setas de la Sevilla, located in the heart of Sevilla, Spain, is a series of colossal concrete structures by Cuban designer and artist Aldo Rossi and Spanish architect Javier Manterola. The structures, known locally as Las Setas de Sevilla, look like giant upturned mushrooms and are almost 30m tall, with the base built in cast concrete and the upper platforms treated with timber and wrought iron. Two towers rise from the centre of the project and provide a lookout up to 40 metres above the city. The four paths that cross the structure intersect at a viewpoint, offering spectacular panoramic views of the city. Many of the towers, spiral staircases and descending plazas allow people to explore and connect with the space. The Setas de la Sevilla are amongst the most iconic landmarks in all of Spain and serve as a cultural hub and a symbol of progress, innovation and creativity in the city.

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