Selinunte Temple

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Selinunte Temple - From Path, Italy
Selinunte Temple - From Path, Italy
@michelebit_ - Unsplash
Selinunte Temple
📍 From Path, Italy
The impressive ruins of the Selinunte Temple in Castelvetrano, Italy can be found overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The vast site has a plethora of structures of varying sizes that were built in two stages in the ancient Greek bronze age. This includes the Sanctuary of Malophoros, where it is thought that animal sacrifices were made to the goddess Demeter. One of the highlights of the site is the majestic 'Temple E', the largest of the temples, which is about 24 meters wide and 48 meters long. Completely made of tuff blocks, it was built in the 5th century BC and it is considered the most well-preserved Greek temple in the world. There are five other temples, the oldest of which is Temple C, meaning that over a period of about 60 years a total of 6 temples were erected here. Other ancient structures that can be found here include 3 sacred roads, various altars, baths and dwellings. Besides the immense archaeological and cultural importance, visitors will find the site to be a quiet and peaceful place, ideal for taking a stroll and enjoying the spectacular views of the surrounding coast and countryside.

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