San Bernardino Pass

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San Bernardino Pass - Switzerland
San Bernardino Pass - Switzerland
@uguccione65 - Unsplash
San Bernardino Pass
📍 Switzerland
Situated on the Italian-Swiss border, the San Bernardino Pass lays on the ancient trade route between Chur and Bellinzona. With the Gotthard Pass to the south and the Maloja Pass to the north, the San Bernardino Pass has been a strategic transport route since the 12th century. Though the pass stands at just 6,277 feet, its altitude gives it commanding views of the beautiful Swiss Alps, encompassing the Val Mesolcina and the Valle Leventina to the west and the Mendrisiotto to the east. The pass itself has a wide 7.4 mile long road, making it an ideal spot for photography and travelers alike. A special treat for visitors to the pass is the Hotel San Bernardino, a 1909-built establishment that offers stunning views of its surroundings, with low-rise buildings crafted from wood, stone and granite – a classic Alpine setting that offers a taste of Swiss hospitality.

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