Russian Gulch

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Russian Gulch - United States
Russian Gulch - United States
@harika1017 - Unsplash
Russian Gulch
­čôŹ United States
Russian Gulch is a state park situated on the rugged and beautiful northern California coastline, just north of the small town of Mendocino. With the park wrapping around a horseshoe-shaped cove, Russian Gulch offers adventure for the whole family. From hiking its scenic trails, exploring marine life on its rocky shores, or taking a dip in the cool waters to swimming, fishing or picnicking by the beach, Russian Gulch is one of the most popular state parks in the area. The park also offers a great spot to watch the sunset and admire the rocky bluffs that frame the cove. Visitors should be sure to take advantage of the easy-to-navigate butterfly gardening trail, which allows them to explore different species of plants and foliage. The parking lot allows on-site camping, with RV campsites available year-round. Explore the park's many trails and admire the serene beauty of Russian Gulch.

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