Rotunda Alexander - III

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Rotunda Alexander - III - France
Rotunda Alexander - III - France
@behz - Unsplash
Rotunda Alexander - III
📍 France
The Rotunda Alexander - III is one of the best places to admire the beauty of Paris’ famous monuments. Originally built in 1887, this magnificent fountain is located by the Quai d'Orsay, on the Left Bank of the River Seine. It was created to honor the accomplishments of the late French Emperor Alexander III, as well as to commemorate the French Revolution. The sculpture represents Liberty with a broken chain by her foot, while an eagle (symbolizing Glory) is perched atop. The fountain features six characters – three representing Strength, Honesty and Prudence, and three more symbolizing France, Russia and Italy. This majestic fountain can be admired its two tiers and exquisite columns, which are the perfect backdrop for spectacular photos. Don’t miss this iconic spot!

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