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Rotterdam - From Weenatunnel, Netherlands
Rotterdam - From Weenatunnel, Netherlands
@kees_streefkerk - Unsplash
📍 From Weenatunnel, Netherlands
Rotterdam is a vibrant city in the Netherlands that offers some of the most unique and beautiful architecture around. From the iconic Erasmus bridge to the futuristic Markthal, this city will captivate travelers with its innovative design and stunning panoramic views from its many towers.

Famous for its maritime history, Rotterdam is home to the largest port in Europe, and the many museums dedicated to shipping and maritime culture. There is plenty to marvel at in the city, such as the landmark bridge and the Cube Houses—a unique design of cubes, cuboids and pyramids with living spaces. Shoppers will enjoy the city’s many stores and markets, while art lovers will have plenty of galleries to explore, and foodies will delight in the city’s wide range of restaurants. Aside from its compelling mix of old and new, history and modern, Rotterdam has many festivals, parks, and outdoor activities to enjoy. For these reasons, Rotterdam is one of the Netherlands' hippest and most exciting cities to visit.

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