Relitto Rigoletto

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Relitto Rigoletto - Italy
Relitto Rigoletto - Italy
@peppemessomalex - Unsplash
Relitto Rigoletto
📍 Italy
Relitto Rigoletto is an exciting wreck dive located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy. The wreck, which is now part of the Large Marine Protected Area of the Tuscan Sea, was sunk in June 2002. This site is an excellent destination for photographers and divers alike, offering plentiful opportunities to explore the wreckage of a 103-metre long Italian cargo vessel and capture stunning photographs of the marine life that inhabits it - sea fans, anemones, and little scorpion fish, to name but a few. The depth of the dive is between 18 and 40 meters, depending on the position of the current, and both recreational and technical divers are welcome. Visibility is excellent and the seabed is composed of soft sand, so it is a truly memorable adventure.

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