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Reine - From Reinebringen, Norway
Reine - From Reinebringen, Norway
@modry_dinosaurus - Unsplash
📍 From Reinebringen, Norway
Reine is a small fishing village located on the coast of the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway, a scenic landscape of fjords, mountains, and Arctic flora and fauna. The entire village is listed as a cultural heritage site for its distinctive wooden houses, many of which are still in use today and are a popular draw for visitors! While there, take your time exploring the picturesque coastline and taking in some of the stunning views of the surrounding area. In the summer months you can hike the trails, swim, kayak and take a boat trip to the nearby islands, while during the winter months you can enjoy ski trips, ice fishing and snowshoeing. For a unique experience, try visiting the local Viking museum and learn more about the area's history and culture. There are plenty of activities here to keep you busy and having fun, so come and explore Reine!

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