Praia do Camilo

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Praia do Camilo - Portugal
Praia do Camilo - Portugal
@purzlbaum - Unsplash
Praia do Camilo
đź“Ť Portugal
Praia do Camilo is one of the most unique beaches in Lagos, Portugal. Its spectacular landscape of steeply rising cliffs hidden amidst a majestic rocky arch provide ample opportunity for adventure and exploration. The rocky cliffs are evidence of the cliffs' former status as part of the Algarve mountain range. The beach's location makes it a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking. Praia do Camilo also has several restaurants and cafes where visitors can enjoy traditional Portuguese cuisine and cocktails. The sandy beach is surrounded by vast sea rocks and crystal clear water, providing the perfect backdrop for beautiful, serene photos.

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