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Posttower - From Rheinaue Bonn, Germany
Posttower - From Rheinaue Bonn, Germany
ūüďć From Rheinaue Bonn, Germany
The Posttower is a 44-storey, 162 m skyscraper in Bonn, Germany. It is located in the city centre, opposite the Bad Godesberg Train Station. It houses the corporate headquarters of Deutsche Post, a company that provides logistics and postal services. It was completed in 2001 and is a popular tourist attraction due to its impressive size and its location near a number of other notable attractions in the city such as the Chancellery and the Museumsmeile. The Posttower features numerous observation platforms, a restaurant, and a shopping mall which offer visitors a spectacular view of the city. Visitors can also take a guided tour of the tower and learn about its history and the work of its occupants. It is also a great destination for those who enjoy shopping and dining, as the Posttower's ground floor is lined with numerous shops and restaurants for you to choose from. Whether you're planning a visit to this fascinating city or just simply a day-trip, the Posttower is an ideal destination to explore and experience the sights.

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