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Positano - From Positano Spiaggia, Italy
Positano - From Positano Spiaggia, Italy
@ripato - Unsplash
ūüďć From Positano Spiaggia, Italy
Positano is a hillside town in Italy's Amalfi Coast, a spectacular stretch of coastline south of Naples. It hugs a coast of striking sheer cliffs and offers panoramic views of the bright blue Mediterranean Sea. Positano's picturesque buildings, all done in sun-bleached pastel shades, cascade down the hillside and line its narrow alleys of cobbled stone and marble. The full view of the town is seen best from Positano Beach, a small bay where the sea sparkles, boats dot the shore, and the terraced buildings of the town steps straight out of the cliffs. Here, visitors can enjoy a swim in the sea or explore alleys full of shops, restaurants, and cafes. The town offers a range of activities and things to do, such as boat trips to explore nearby Marine Protected Areas, fishing and other water sports activities. Positano also offers lovely strolls of the town's streets and alleyways and stunning coastal views for all visitors. Visitors can also experience the vibrant local culture through its beautiful boutiques, galleries, and churches.

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