Ponte de Gimonde

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Ponte de Gimonde - Portugal
Ponte de Gimonde - Portugal
@herrherrmann - Unsplash
Ponte de Gimonde
📍 Portugal
Ponte de Gimonde, also known as Puente de Gimonde is an ancient 17th century bridge located in the town of Gimonde, Portugal. Made of granite and sandstone it is a stunning example of a bridge from that era. The bridge continues to stand to this day as a testament to the skill of the original masons and builders. There is a small chapel located on one end of the bridge and along the length several logs with carvings of crosses. The river along which it is built is a beautiful crystal clear river that meanders along its banks, with reeds and bridge-side restaurants providing a pleasant backdrop for walkers and visitors. The area around the bridge is a wonderful spot for a picnic or nature stroll. Take care though, as the path around the bridge is steep and the banks drop into the river below!

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