Plaza Porticada

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Plaza Porticada - Spain
Plaza Porticada - Spain
Plaza Porticada
📍 Spain
The Plaza Porticada is a beautiful public square located in the heart of Santander, Spain. It is a picturesque setting, surrounded by elegant arches and colonnades, as well as an abundance of lush green plants. It has been a popular gathering spot for social activities, including events like the annual International Festival of Santander. The square is also an important place of historical significance, as it is home to various important monuments and sculptures from the city’s past. These include the Monument to the Hero of Cantabria, the 6th-century Palace of the Porticada and the Carrera Church. There are also several fountains and a bandstand, which are popular with locals and tourists for enjoying the atmosphere. Photographers can capture the charming atmosphere of this beautiful plaza, surrounded by wonderful architecture, as well as lush greenery and bright blue waters.

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