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Pitigliano - Italy
Pitigliano - Italy
📍 Italy
Pitigliano is a town in Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy. Located in the hills of Southern Tuscany and overlooking the Lente River Valley, this picturesque hilltop town provides a stunning backdrop of Medieval and Renaissance architecture. Visitors to this stunning town should be prepared to be enchanted by its vibrant architecture, including two grand castles, an impressive cathedral, winding cobblestone streets, and olive groves and vineyards surrounding the valley. In the summer months, visitors can enjoy a guided walk along the ancient city walls and explore the town’s many historic churches. For those looking for a creative outlet, there are plenty of opportunities to paint, photograph, and experience the town from a variety of angles. Pitigliano is also known for its gastronomy, where visitors can savour traditional cult dishes like Porchetta, fried donuts, and pecorino. Finally, take a drive a few kilometers away and visit the nearby thermal baths of Saturnia.

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