Pigalle Basketball

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Pigalle Basketball - France
Pigalle Basketball - France
@paulwallez - Unsplash
Pigalle Basketball
­čôŹ France
Pigalle Basketball is a basketball-themed boutique, founded by Stephane Ashpool, located in the centre of Paris. Situated in the heart of the capital city's 9th arrondissement, the boutique is a major draw for luxury-lovers and street-style fans alike. The location is a landmark and a must-see for any traveler to Paris. The boutique features all kinds of products, from collectible basketballs, apparel and accessories to furniture, lifestyle items, art and limited-edition sneakers. The shop also has a restaurant and bar located on-site, which is perfect for grabbing a bite to eat or something to drink after browsing the store. Pigalle Basketball is a great destination for anyone wanting to explore Paris' street style culture, and should not be missed.

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