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Pelourinho - Brazil
Pelourinho - Brazil
📍 Brazil
Pelourinho, located in the historic center of Salvador, Brazil, is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood known for its rich Afro-Brazilian culture and architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to numerous well-preserved 17th and 18th-century Portuguese colonial buildings that serve as a backdrop for lively street performances and cultural events. Photo-travelers should not miss the opportunity to capture the vividly painted houses and cobblestone streets lined with music, traditional food, and handicraft vendors. It's important to note that the area can get crowded and is known for pickpocketing, so it's best to keep valuables secure and stay vigilant. Travelers should also be respectful of the local culture and avoid taking pictures of residents without their consent. Lastly, Pelourinho is well connected with public transportation and is a great starting point for exploring other parts of Salvador, such as nearby beaches and historic landmarks.

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