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Parliament - From Riverside, Hungary
Parliament - From Riverside, Hungary
@joaching - Unsplash
📍 From Riverside, Hungary
The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest is a stunning and iconic landmark that is located on the river Danube. Constructed of luscious Victorian Neo-Gothic architecture, it was built in 1904-1906. As the largest and most detailed parliament building in Europe, this magnificent structure stands at 268m in length and 118m in width. It has 691 rooms, 29 staircases, 14 courtyards, 10 inner courtyards and culminates with the highlight of a 96m dome. Visitors can take the guided tour which goes through the largest chamber in Hungary – the old Lower House – which was where the first members of parliament took their inaugural oath. Another tour highlights the intricate decorations of the old Upper House, the Grand Staircase, the former President’s Reception Hall, the Hall of Knights and the cupola of St. Stephen. The Hungarian Parliament Building is also used as a backdrop to many public events, due to its grandeur.

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