Paris-Sorbonne University

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Paris-Sorbonne University - France
Paris-Sorbonne University - France
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Paris-Sorbonne University
📍 France
Paris-Sorbonne University, also known as Paris IV, is a renowned institution for higher education located in Paris, France. Founded during the 13th century, the university was initially known as the Collège de Sorbonne. Paris-Sorbonne University is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Europe and has a bustling student life. The university’s campus still includes some of the remnants of the medieval college, which contributes to its unique atmosphere. Beyond the iconic tree-lined paths amidst historical buildings, Paris-Sorbonne University has much to offer curious visitors. The institution is home to several remarkable monuments, including the18th-century Fountain of the Bride of Sorbonne and the 16th-century Pavillon de Boufflers. The university has multiple iconic statues, one of which is Henri IV sur le pont, which pays homage to the renowned King of France. Additionally, the university houses two art galleries, the Galerie des Globes, a unique collection of world globes from the 17th century, and the Galerie Salmon which exhibits many ancient European and Near Eastern artifacts. Other remarkable architectural structures can be found at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences and at the Sorbonne Library, both of these buildings exhibit Parisian Haussmann-era grandeur.

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