Panam City

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Panam City - Bangladesh
Panam City - Bangladesh
Panam City
📍 Bangladesh
Panam City, also known as Panam Nagar, is a heritage site located in Sonargaon, Bangladesh. It was the capital of the ancient region of Isa Khan. This abandoned city boasts of having well-preserved remnants of traditional Bengali architecture, making it a popular spot for photo-travelers. The structures here are mostly made of red brick and terracotta with intricate floral and geometric designs. Some notable buildings include the Pathshala (school), Panchavati (five-dome structure), and the Naukot Palace (nine-domed palace). It is best to visit Panam City during the winter months of November to February, when the weather is pleasant for outdoor photography. A good tip is to hire a local guide who can give you insights into the history and significance of each building. Don't forget to carry your wide-angle lens to capture the grandeur of these ancient structures. Lastly, make sure to respect the culture and heritage of this site by not damaging any of the structures or leaving any litter behind.

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