Palacio de Cristal

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Palacio de Cristal - From Park, Spain
Palacio de Cristal - From Park, Spain
@rodriguezedm - Unsplash
Palacio de Cristal
📍 From Park, Spain
The Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace) of Madrid is one of the most spectacular examples of 19th century iron architecture in Spain. Located in the botanical garden of Buen Retiro park in the center of the city, it was the first large-scale metal building in the world and served, until the present, as a symbol of the modernity of the city, as well as an exhibition hall and a recreational area. Built in 1887 by Ricardo Velázquez Bosco, it was originally intended as a greenhouse for exotic plants, but it eventually became the stage for many of the exhibitions and fairs that the city held. The building has a glass and metal cast iron structure and a skylight that opens up to the garden. Its spacious grounds are full of exotic vegetation and its complex maze of paths is perfect for a leisurely stroll. On top of the glass dome is a gilded bronze statue of the goddess Flora, offering a beautiful sight both during the day and at night.

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