Palacio de Cristal

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Palacio de Cristal - From Lake, Spain
Palacio de Cristal - From Lake, Spain
@vitzthumdesign - Unsplash
Palacio de Cristal
📍 From Lake, Spain
The Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace) is a stunning glass building in the Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain. Built in 1887, this exquisite 19th-century structure has been designated a National Monument and is a favorite among both tourists and locals alike. The iconic building was built by Ricardo Velázquez Bosco – one of the most popular architectural designers from Spain – as a symbol of Madrid’s ever-growing industrial success.

The Palacio de Cristal measures 64-by-128 meters and is made from steel, iron and over 8,000 glass pieces, giving visitors a unique opportunity to see Madrid’s unique landscape from within the city’s limits. The building’s distinctive style is perfectly complimented by the many trees, water features and gardens which surround it. During the spring, it is an especially popular destination, with local picnickers coming to admire the flowers, dragonflies, and various birds that occupy the park. Admission to the Palacio de Cristal is free, making it the perfect place to visit for a relaxing break from Madrid’s hustle and bustle. Its proximity to the city center allows for it to be easily accessed by both car and public transportation. Once here, visitors can admire the unique building, relax in the tranquil gardens and soak up the atmosphere of this well-preserved 19th century structure.

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