Palace of Justice

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Palace of Justice - Belgium
Palace of Justice - Belgium
@bharat_patil_photography - Unsplash
Palace of Justice
📍 Belgium
The Palace of Justice in Brussels, a mammoth structure acclaimed as the world's largest court building at its completion in 1883, is a dream for photo-travelers due to its impressive architecture and historical weight. Beyond its scale, the building stands out for its eclectic style, merging neoclassical with elements of the Assyro-Babylonian revival. Notably, its golden dome, which was restored recently, offers a stunning contrast against the Brussels skyline, making for dramatic photographs especially at sunset. Inside, its vast halls and intricate decorations reveal a grandeur that speaks to its judicial importance, though access can be limited, so catching the interior's beauty requires timing and sometimes a guide. Additionally, its elevated position on the Galgenberg hill allows for panoramic views of the city, a bonus for photographers seeking to capture Brussels from a unique vantage point. Wear comfortable shoes, as exploring its surroundings offers unexpected angles and views, both of the building and the cityscape.

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