Ozone Falls

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Ozone Falls - United States
Ozone Falls - United States
@justinhikestn - Unsplash
Ozone Falls
📍 United States
Ozone Falls is a stunning waterfall located in Rockwood, Tennessee in the United States. Situated at an elevation of 1,180 feet and with an impressive drop of 85 feet, Ozone Falls is a breath-taking site. The Falls derives its name from the blue misty haze appearing like a fog due to the gushing water. It is accessible via a short 0.2-mile hiking trail beginning at Ozone Falls Road and ending at the Falls. The waterfall is situated amongst a lush forest, made up of a variety of native trees, wildflowers and ferns and pools of deep blue water. Visitors can also spot birds, deer and other wildlife while strolling around the area. Ozone Falls is a great place to have a picnic in nature or to simply admire the beauty of the waterfall.

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