Opera Palais Garnier

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Opera Palais Garnier - From Front, France
Opera Palais Garnier - From Front, France
@edouard_grlt - Unsplash
Opera Palais Garnier
đź“Ť From Front, France
The Palais Garnier, located in the heart of Paris, is the iconic performance hall and opera house of the Paris Opera. Constructed in the 19th century, the building was built in the traditionally baroque style, with grand staircases and balustrades, and elegant wood paneling and paintings. The auditorium, in particular, is marked by its grand chandelier, grand mirrors, and intricate sculptures. Its grand architecture and decor make it a popular spot for visitors and tourists, who flock to the hall for its daily performances. The building is also open for guided tours, giving visitors a closer look of the wonderful opera house. Don't forget to check out the stage and orchestra pit and get a view from the royal loggia. Moreover, the Palais Garnier and its surrounding areas, are home to a variety of sculptures and monuments, making it a great spot for a photoshoot.

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