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Oberstockensee - Switzerland
Oberstockensee - Switzerland
@swiss_secret_design - Unsplash
📍 Switzerland
Oberstockensee, located in Erlenbach im Simmental, Switzerland, is a stunning alpine lake situated on the south side of the village. Visitors can take in the stunning views of the lake from terraced fields that line its banks. The lake is mostly surrounded by lush forests, giving it a beautiful, remote feel. At its deepest point, the lake reaches a depth of 13m. It is home to a variety of bird and fish species, with several resident and migratory birds, such as dippers and terns, often found near the lake. Fishing is a popular activity, with local permits available online and from local fisheries. Visitors can take leisurely walks around the lake, and there is a picnic area near one of the fishing platforms, making it an ideal spot for lunch. With crystal-clear waters and plenty of secluded little alcoves, Oberstockensee is a wonderful destination for nature lovers, hikers and photographers alike.

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