Obelisk of Strasbourg

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Obelisk of Strasbourg - France
Obelisk of Strasbourg - France
@jo_marcha - Unsplash
Obelisk of Strasbourg
📍 France
The Obelisk of Strasbourg is a 49-meter tall granite monument that stands in the east bank of the River Ill. Standing tall since 1841, it serves as a reminder of the city’s rich tumultuous history. The Obelisk was overlooking the old Vauban fortifications before they were removed. The Obelisk is covered with inscriptions and sculptures relating to historic events of the city. On each side of the Obelisk you can find inscriptions about the city's gallantry during the war of 1870. The monument is crowned by a crown of lights that transform it into a huge lighthouse. Its lighting has been designed to offer a unique spectacle every night. It is the most beloved monument in the city and a must-see for visitors.

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