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Nyhavn - From Nyhavnsbroen St, Denmark
Nyhavn - From Nyhavnsbroen St, Denmark
@patrick_schneider - Unsplash
📍 From Nyhavnsbroen St, Denmark
Nyhavn and Nyhavnsbroen St. are two iconic landmarks located in the charming city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Nyhavn, known as the New Harbor, is a 17th century waterfront district lined with bright colored buildings, cafes, and pubs. It has been the epicenter of entertainment and nightlife in the city for hundreds of years and is still wildly popular with locals and tourists alike. At the edge of Nyhavn, visitors will find Nyhavnsbroen St. (New Harbor Bridge), a saddle-shaped bridge with intricate details and wood and iron cast works. It is an excellent spot for photography, making for great picture opportunities of both Nyhavn and some of Copenhagen’s famous landmarks. Take in the beautiful architecture from the nearby harbor deck, or cross over the bridge for a different perspective. Take a stroll through Nyhavn and unlock the district's picturesque secret of cafés, restaurants, and pubs. This is a must see destination for anyone visiting the city.

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