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Nyhavn - From Nyhavn Bridge, Denmark
Nyhavn - From Nyhavn Bridge, Denmark
@nickkarvounis - Unsplash
­čôŹ From Nyhavn Bridge, Denmark
Nyhavn, one of Copenhagen's most famous and popular areas, is a historic 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district. It was once a busy commercial port, and its mix of buildings, cafes, restaurants and museums make it a great destination for tourists. Its neoclassical architecture, brightly coloured houses and sailboats moored along the canals make it a photographers dream.

The Nyhavn Bridge is the main attraction here, connecting the Nyhavn area to the Amager waterfront and mainland Copenhagen. It was built in 1875 and is lined with 19th-century lamps, giving the area a charming and romantic feel. The bridge and its surroundings provide the best views of this picturesque area. Nyhavn is also one of the most popular spots for dining and enjoying more than a few drinks with delicious Danish cuisine, while admiring the view of the canals and the passing boats. It's also a hotspot for live music performances and art displays on the quay. Lastly, Nyhavn is home to the Royal Danish Playhouse and Royal Danish Music Conservatorium, making it a must-visit spot.

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