Nürnberg Christuskirche

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Nürnberg Christuskirche - Germany
Nürnberg Christuskirche - Germany
@benjamin_raffetseder - Unsplash
Nürnberg Christuskirche
📍 Germany
The Nürnberg Christuskirche is an eye-catching 15th century Gothic revival church in the heart of modern Nürnberg, Germany. Built between 1467 and the early 16th century, the Christuskirche stands just to the north of the city centre on an area once called the Löwendenkmal (Lion Monument). A part of the holy trinity, Nürnberg's most prominent churches also include the Sebalduskirche and Lorenzkirche. The church is extremely well preserved, having been restored after being fallen victim to a number of fires throughout its lifetime. The exterior of the Christuskirche is characterized by a 56 meter (184ft) tall tower with four turrets, one of which houses the Baroque-style bell. A beautiful rose window and stained glass windows adorn the entrance portal and choir respectively. Inside, the 17th century interior is highlighted by an impressive Baroque altar and an organ from 1803. Visitors can take a stroll around the nearby cemetery and admire the ornately-carved graves of the city's former patrons.

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