National Capitol of Cuba

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National Capitol of Cuba - Cuba
National Capitol of Cuba - Cuba
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National Capitol of Cuba
📍 Cuba
The National Capitol of Cuba, a striking landmark in Havana, is renowned for its impressive architecture, closely resembling the U.S. Capitol. Photographers find the facade, adorned with intricate details and flanked by lush gardens, a captivating subject. The grandiose steps leading to the entrance provide a dynamic perspective for shots. Inside, the Salón de los Pasos Perdidos (Hall of Lost Steps) is a highlight, where the natural lighting accentuates its majestic columns, creating dramatic shadows perfect for photography. Don't miss capturing the 24-carat diamond at the center of the building, marking Kilometer Zero, a reference point for all distances in Cuba. The dome, visible throughout Havana, offers a splendid backdrop, especially during sunset, when the golden hues enhance its silhouette against the cityscape. Ideal times for exterior shots are early morning or late afternoon when the lighting is soft and the crowds around the Capitolio are thinner.

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