Mystic Falls

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Mystic Falls - United States
Mystic Falls - United States
@sethcottle - Unsplash
Mystic Falls
šŸ“ United States
Mystic Falls is situated in the city of Las Vegas, United States. It is a beautiful mountain-fed waterfall at the foot of the Spring Mountains, in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The best way to visit Mystic Falls is to take a leisurely hike along the 13-mile scenic loop of the Red Rock Canyon, with Mystic Falls as the end point of the loop. The views of the red sandstone ridges and canyons, as well as the crystal clear waters of Mystic Falls, are unequaled. There are also several campsites scattered along the loop, usually open year-round, providing hikers and photographers with a great way to spend a weekend here.

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