Mys Khoboy

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Mys Khoboy - Russia
Mys Khoboy - Russia
Mys Khoboy
📍 Russia
Mys Khoboy is the northernmost cape of Olkhon Island in Lake Baikal, Russia. Renowned for its panoramic views, especially at sunrise and sunset, it's a prime location for photographers. The cape, resembling a triceratops head from certain angles, offers dramatic landscapes with sheer cliffs dropping into crystal-clear Baikal waters. To capture the essence of Mys Khoboy, visit during the golden hours when the sun casts ethereal glows over the lake, ideal for vibrant and soft-lit photography. The area is also rich in Buryat legends, adding a mystical element to your shots. Due to its remote location, access is typically via a 4x4 tour, combining the adventure of off-road travel with the pursuit of unforgettable images. Summer provides lush scenes, while winter offers a stark, frozen beauty, with the possibility of capturing the ethereal phenomenon of "Baikal Zen": rocks balanced on thin ice pedestals.

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