Muralla Roja

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Muralla Roja - Spain
Muralla Roja - Spain
@beastydesign - Unsplash
Muralla Roja
📍 Spain
The Muralla Roja (Red Wall) is a spectacular residential complex designed by Ricardo Bofill, a Catalan architect. Completed in 1973, it is a remarkable example of Catalan structuralism and was an ambitious and imaginative attempt to revolutionize modernist architecture. The project is composed of three separate buildings, each with its own unique features. The most striking of the three is the volcano-shaped block, built in layers of polycentric curves. Its open plan allows the courtyards and galleries to act as public spaces providing generous views and optimal sunlight. Inside, the apartments are separated by bright colored shapes with ceramic tiles featuring floral and geometric patterns, while the exterior is painted in pink and white. The trio of modernist masters had their hand in designing the interior and exterior finish using a variety of materials. The Muralla Roja is an excellent example of a bold and modern take on traditional architecture, and a must-visit for those interested in design or architecture.

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